Blankets and The Couch King - Silver Dreams

by Blankets and the Couch King ft. Noa

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This album was recorded in Blankets' bedroom studio between the hours of 12 and 3 AM in sleepy, but studious, Santa Clara, California from 2009 to 2010. Blankets and the Couch King recorded their psychedelic sounds using GarageBand and a bunch of mics and pedals. Inspired by years of listening to 60's garage rock, golden era hip hop, and deep roots reggae, the album is a mix of lo-fi garage psych with touches of space and folk rock with undercurrents of dub, hip hop, and afro beat. Silver Dreams features the shiny vocal stylings of Noa and the final mastering by Efence. Silver Dreams was originally released in 2011 and distributed in small batches of artisanally crafted, hand glued covers and personally burned CDRs.

Thanks for getting psychedelic with us


released February 12, 2014

Marty Procaccio / Blankets: Guitars, Bass, Theremin, Pedals, Backup Vocals
Noa Ver: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Kazoo
Couch King: Production, Percussion, Samples Background Vocals, Mastering
Efence: Engineering

Album design and individual song images by The Couch King. Original Album photo taken by Tea B. Song art for "89 Miles of Bad Road" painted by Evelyn S of Reiki Run Rampant. Original song photos for "Howler Monkey" and "The Space Between Us Is The Universe" by Tea B.



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Track Name: Further
The farther you go
The less that you will know
Your mind meanders, oh no
Gets lost, gets lost, oh no

Don't Go
Turn Around
Go Back

Oh no
Track Name: Dubtachable
I'm talking to myself again
Sometimes I even get caught
Talking to myself
Oh no...
I have detachable stuff
I have detachable brain
I can grab it through my ear
I go right into my head
It slips
Help me
Help talk to me
Who are you talking to?
Track Name: 89 Miles Of Bad Road
She's talking in circles
She waits in the floor
She stands up in silence
You head for the door

We cannot come with you
They'll go it alone
The moonlights above you
It glows like a dome

The light is beside us
In shadow in wine
You linger no longer
Trances in time

She's walking in circles
She talks to the floor
The statue is moving
You head for the door

She's talking in circles
She waits in the floor
She stands up in silence
You head for the door
Track Name: Psychic Field Of Sonic Love
Psychic fields
Across the hills
Psychic waves
Over the sea
Bitter sweat and simple too
Psychic waves
That grows and grows
Psychic fields of sonic love
They're calling out to me
Psychic fields of sonic love
They go for miles and miles
Psychic fields they tell me what to do
Track Name: Magic Mushroom Bali
Steady streams of fleeting pleasure
Lets stay in love, forever
This savage urge, to quick to measure
Lets stay in love, whatever
Are you doing alright


Mad waves of paranoia
My love is only for ya

You got me feelin' alright

I gotcha
Track Name: Dub Breeze
Floating with the breeze
The sky is melting
The earth is shaking
So float
Track Name: Bicycle Day
A not unpleasant intoxication
We had to make the journey on the bicycle
Track Name: Baby It's Time To Smash
Baby don't you wanna go
Go where the vibe is right
Tell me, tell me that you'll join us
Baby we could leave tonight


Let's go down, let's go down, alright
It's alright, it's alright, ah yea

Baby its time you smash the government
Don't you know that we are gonna win

Don't go down

Don't come down, oh yea

Don't come down, alright